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Strengthen Your Story, Elevate Your Impact

When I tell your story, I’ll be boosting your mission, engaging your community, educating others, and advocating for your gifts. Through your story, your organization becomes known. And your experience can be the teacher we all might need.

If you have a positive story, the community needs to hear it. And, with more and more people moving to Colorado every day, your story will be refreshed with an endless and expanding audience.



Stories connect communities. Stories that highlight the good around us resonate with and engage people.

This is what can make a profound impact on community. I seek out and tell these stories.

My gift is my ability to listen. I will hear your words, connect with you, and identify what will ignite passion in others. Allow me to tell the story that needs to be told and be the legs it needs to journey far beyond the confines of your circle.

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I work with various budgets, constraints, and needs. The important part is that your story gets out.  


News from Kyle

First Monday of October in Colorado is now .. Cabrini Day

For the first time ever, the first Monday of October is a Colorado state holiday in honor of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. This follows the passage of the Frances Xavier Cabrini House Bill 20-1031 in the Colorado Legislature and then, Governor Jared Polis signing the...

After 33 years at Mercy Housing, CEO Jane Graf retires

Leader, determined, talented, funny, focused and passionate are just a handful of words that come to mind among Jane Graf's colleagues in the affordable housing industry. And now, the word retired joins that list as she closes out an accomplished career at Mercy...

“You make people comfortable in telling their stories and YOU have the way of making them pop for the reader. They come alive; readers feel the joy and pain. You have ability for straight-forward factual presentation. Your stories are ours, and the impact with which you share brings the community into action.”

Lynne Butler

CEO and President, Metro Caring