About Kyle


Twenty-five years of sharing the news in local television led me to become a storyteller, a wordsmith, who thrives on listening deeply to others and telling their story.

When we hear those profound stories, we share them with others and become more aware of what is going on all around us.

When I was on an assignment to tell a story about young people overcoming great challenges, one teenager approached me and said, “Why are you here? Why do you care?” He later apologized for being abrupt, and we had a great conversation. It occurred to me that what I was doing, earnestly listening to him, was something he maybe never experienced. By being heard, he felt understood and appreciated.

There are so many great stories to share, but first, we need to listen to each other.

That is what I love to do.


“Kyle is a great journalist ..but the thing is, she’s probably an even better human being.”

Gary Shapiro

9News Anchor