How It Works


Let’s meet first. I’d love to learn the story over a cup a coffee, where so many stories are shared. I’ll hear the foundation of the story, and we can discuss ways to share your story and address how it might resonate with the community. Or, I can come and see where your story originates from – at your organization perhaps, to witness the energy behind a team and the project that team is creating.


We’ll look at your needs, what you want to use, what your budget is, what your time frame is and we will come up with a schedule and plan that accommodates your unique objectives.


I’ll collect my crew. Depending on the needs of the story, I’ll handpick the appropriate people to help craft the story in the best way possible. This can include a photographer, graphic artist, and editor, and we will see what works best to capture your story while honoring your budget.


We’ll meet in the desired place to start the shooting. We might move to different locations, or the story may require only one location. The best stories are told by genuine and authentic moments. We will capture you and your team in those moments to ensure your story inspires emotion and engagement.


This is where I do my best work. After assembling all ideas, touch points, and footage that emerged from our creative work together, I examine–looking at all angles with a focused and thoughtful mind, and get to work writing your story. The storyline, generally with compelling graphics and captivating music, is then composed.


The finished product will be shared with you to make sure you are happy with it. Then, it’s all yours to share.

I have made an extraordinary number of connections. An extra benefit to working with me is that my connections will benefit you. Every story I tell, I share on my social media.

 We are in love with this video — you did a beautiful job of capturing our story.  We appreciate your sincere understanding of the school and our very wonderful students.”

Cathy Pasquariello

Head of School, Havern School