Havern School teaches K-12 children with learning disabilities and differences in the most extraordinary way.

Children who struggle to read a sentence come to Havern and learn to read and love to read.  Kids who are confused by the sight of numbers grow to embrace math and succeed at coding lessons.

Havern currently enrolls children from 48 different zip codes. There are families who drive down from the mountains to Littleton every day. Other families have moved to Colorado from other states so that their child can attend Havern. It is a small setting with a student/teacher ratio of 4 to 1.

Unlike other schools that work with children with challenges, Havern embraces a child’s abilities as well as his/her disabilities. Havern looks at the whole child and creates a specialized curriculum for the students that helps them learn and thrive.

Havern has occupational therapy and speech/language therapy built into a day of typical classes.  That extra focus on sharpening all of the students’ skills turns them into confident learners who are ready to succeed when they leave Harvern.

Havern was started in September of 1966 by the Sisters of Loretto on their property on top of a hill in Littleton, Colorado. At that time, Havern was one of the only schools in the nation addressing the learning styles of children with learning disabilities.

Havern School is named after one of the founder’s of The Sisters of Loretto, Ann Havern.  In 1970, the Sisters incorporated Havern School and turned it over to a non-denominational Board of Trustees.

Now in 2017, the Sisters are preparing to move out of the property they have shared with the students for 50 years.   The order is selling the property to Havern School.

With the additional space, Havern can welcome more children into the school but it will still keep the class sizes small.

The extra space also allows for the creation of the Learning Evaluation Center at Havern School. It is open for families throughout the Denver area who have a child needing psyco-educational testing.

With this new center, Havern is addressing a huge need in the Denver metro area.  For some families, the waitlist can be months or years to have their child tested for autism, ADHD or behavioral mood disorders.  With this new center, families will now have another place to go for answers into their questions into their child’s development and learning abilities.

This video was shown at the Havern School’s 50th Anniversary Gala & is being used as part of the school’s capital campaign to buy the rest of the property belonging to The Sisters of Loretto.