HealthOne Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital is the go-to hospital in Colorado for people who are recovering from strokes or traumatic brain injuries. It also helps people recover from orthopedic conditions and amputations.   For others who have been ill and not mobile for a while, the therapists help them regain their strength so that they’re able to return home and live independently.

Spalding is what’s referred to as an ‘acute rehabilitation hospital.’   It assists those with acute medical conditions. There is always a physician on-site who works with a team of physical, occupational and speech/language therapists.

The progress patients make is impressive and that team approach is a big reason for that. The three daily therapy sessions also help the patient’s mind and body get stronger quickly.

Spalding has specialized areas like the Controlled Stimulus Unit (CSU) which eases a traumatic brain injury patient into recovery with very limited stimulation.   As patients get stronger, they add in occupational therapy in a mock apartment, a simulated grocery story and restaurant… all of which provide hands-on practice to daily tasks will face upon discharge from Spalding.

Spalding staff is sharing this story with patients who are preparing to leave acute care in a hospital and are looking for options when it comes to their recovery.  Not only does this story show what Spalding does on a daily basis.. but it also captures the heart of this hospital:  the determination, compassion and focus of the Spalding staff to help others rebuild their lives and renew their hope.