Anchor Center for Blind Children helps its students see life differently.

As the only center of its kind in Colorado, Anchor Center uses early intervention therapies and thoughtful curriculum to engage babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

The children at Anchor Center for Blind Children have varying degrees and types of visual impairments.

“Some have pinpoint vision, some peripheral,” Executive Director Heather Cameron said. “Some can see light sources; some, no light sources. Our remarkable team comes together to help that child explore the world around them.”


The Anchor Center staff teaches the children how to use their other senses to understand what is around them.  The staff also works with children to improve their speech & language, mobility and social skills.

Through repetition, certain activities become much more easy to do. By the time the children are ready to move on to a regular kindergarten classroom and then, elementary school, their skill sets are a lot sharper, making it easier for them to adapt. Their self-confidence is also bolstered. The children realize they can do anything any other kid does.. just differently.

Parents of the students form a tight bond. They support one another and become second family. The staff also assists families by teaching them therapies that can help boost learning at home.

“Anchor Center is amazing and a huge help when you need it the most, when your child is diagnosed,” mother Janelle Tabacheck said. “They guide you and they set the foundation as to how you’re going to be for the rest of your life and so you have this strength to go on. Anchor Center has helped our son with functional vision. They truly have helped him see everything and they’ve helped us see differently.”

Anchor Center was founded in 1982 by a librarian from the Colorado Library for the Blind and the local alumnae chapter of Delta Gamma sorority. Not only was Delta Gamma influential in getting Anchor Center off the ground in the early years, it continues to provide service hours and funding for the Anchor Center for Blind Children in Denver and in three other cities across the United States.

Anchor Center for Blind Children in a non profit organization that gets a minimal amount of federal funding to support its programming so it relies heavily on the support of Delta Gamma and private donations.

This video was shown at Anchor Center’s annual Sunset in the Country dinner, giving donors an inside look at how it enlightens the minds of children who don’t have sight to automatically stimulate them.

These children are incredible. They are happy. They are busy. They are like any other children.. they want to learn and play.

Anchor Center for Blind Children is changing lives, creating bright futures and offering a lot of hope.

I am grateful for the opportunity to truly understand what it means to ‘see life differently.’