Twenty-one years ago, the Denver Broncos were big favorites to win the Super Bowl but then lost the first game of the playoffs. That was my first football season in Denver and I spent a lot of it, hosting a show called The Orange Zone.  Reggie Rivers was a running back for the Broncos that season and every week, he’d come on the show to give us an ‘inside look’ into the team.

Post-football, Reggie now teams up with organizations in Colorado and helps them take that ‘inside look’ into how they can be successful.  Reggie also partners with those groups and helps them boost their fundraising efforts.

Reggie’s company, Corporate Kickoff, and it’s subdivision, Auction Fundraising Academy, has taken off in recent years. Because of that, our community has become stronger.

In 2017, Reggie and his team of auctioneers raised $8 million at 96 events.

“I approach charities in a more business-like way to encourage them to think about their event,” Reggie said. “They’re a nonprofit but their event should be for profit.”

Reggie has recruited an energetic team of auctioneers who care deeply about boosting their community. The research each auctioneer devotes to a particular charity is impressive. On the night of an auction, the auctioneers are already very well connected to the group and its supporters with a clear plan as to how to meet (and in many cases, exceed) fundraising goals.

I interviewed each member of the Auction Fundraising Academy team to uncover ‘their why:’ why they care about local non-profits; why they devote so much team to these organizations; why the sense of community matters so much to them.

Get to know Reggie and his team. They’re a diverse group of people who also share the desire to make a positive difference.