When I am not producing video stories about programs in our community that make a profound impact, I love to talk with people about how they too can share stories.

I am currently teaching a class at the University of Denver called “Storytelling for Business.”  Companies are always looking for ways to stand out from the competition, to capture the attention of the community and engage customers.  Storytelling is the way to go… without a doubt!

Tell people what you do!!! … and why you do it!!!

Stories that resonate with people are genuine, personalized and show the impact you make in our community. Yes, talk about what you do in a story.. but really focus on the why you do it. People want to feel something when they read, listen to or watch stories.

By sharing ‘your why,’  you will give people an inside look into the heart of your organization.  Everyone loves to feel as though ‘they are in the know,’ right?  When customers know a bit more about you and your business, they feel like they’re not just purchasing a product or a service, but that they are part of something bigger.

I love helping people discover their why and how that can translate into a compelling story that will connect with people. We’re all looking for positive content these days.. and it’s all around us. We just need to be more pro-active in sharing it.

The larger the window into your business you provide through storytelling, people will feel your energy and your passion and people will want to know about you.  If you’re launching a new product, just don’t tell me what it does, tell me a story about how that product is helping someone.

I really enjoy teaching in a classroom but I also go into offices and brainstorm with teams to help them discover and share their stories.

Storytelling brings people together. Stories have the power to make us more connected.  That connection is important for any business to flourish and grow.  Storytelling strengthens every campaign, advertising and social media effort.