When Colorado Went Major League is OUT!!!  I’m soo excited to share this incredible story!! .. and I expect to write more later about this great experience. Never before, have I ever had a full year to work on one story. And if you’ve seen my other work here on KyleDyerStorytelling.com, you know that I’ve never produced a story that runs for an hour!

This all came about in early 2022 when my team was approached by the founders of the non profit, Colorado Baseball History Inc. Neil Macey and Kathi Williams were instrumental in helping Colorado acquire a Major League Baseball team in the early 90s and had dreamed of having a documentary made alongside with the Rockies’ 30th Anniversary season.

So proud of the work my entire team put into When Colorado Went Major League. Click here to steam the full length film on the Rockies website. The documentary is also streaming on the Rockies YouTube page as well as on 9News+. 9News opened up their doors to our team to discover and incorporate all sorts of nostalgic archive footage. The Colorado Rockies also provided us fantastic video from past games and big plays!

Here is a look at the trailer!! Enjoy!!!

Thank you Colorado!!