St. Frances Xavier Cabrini once said this prayer:

Fortify me with the grace of Your Holy Spirit and give Your peace to my soul that I may be free from all needless anxiety and worry.   

Well now, in 2020, Colorado’s Mother Cabrini Shrine is providing a place where people find comfort from their anxieties and worries.

When the threat of COVID-19 pandemic became very real, Mother Cabrini Shrine was closed for six weeks. When Colorado was under quarantine, many people turned to journaling, reading, reflection and prayer. Not being able to walk the beautiful, peaceful grounds of Mother Cabrini Shrine made many Coloradans feel even more isolated.

“There is a connection that happens there, that doesn’t happen when you’re sitting in your backyard,” Fr. Bob Fisher said. “And it brings people some peace, some consolation, and a renewal of hope. And I think that is critical for our day and our time.”

When Colorado’s Governor slowly started to re-open the state with an abundance of caution, Mother Cabrini Shrine opened with limited hours and some of the most popular areas were closed off. When health restrictions were loosened a bit more and more people felt comfortable venturing out of their homes, the sounds of prayer could be heard one again in the various gardens. Also audible were the sounds of footsteps as visitors returned to climbing the 373 steps to the magnificent 22 foot tall statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Mother Cabrini Shrine staff did restrict attendance in the small grotto and in the main chapel but life was returning to a resemblance of normalcy.

And best yet…  hope returned to Mother Cabrini Shrine!

Like many non profits, Mother Cabrini Shrine had to “go virtual” for their annual fundraising dinner. My team produced a story with interviews we have collected over the years. It is striking how the need for Mother Cabrini Shrine is greater more than ever and the Shrine’s impact of visitors is even more profound.

This short video was used to promote the virtual fundraiser, which raised well over $100,000 for needed operational costs.